Sermons and Presentations, Oct. – Dec. 2019

December 29 – Sacred Drum – Rev. Ken Crampton

Rev. Ken Crampton – Ringing of the Bowls, Shakers, and Noise Makers
Rev. Ken Crampton – Chalice Lighting: Isabelle Song
Kristen Tuxbury – Introduction of Guest Speaker
Rev. Ken Crampton – Wonder Box
Rev. Ken Crampton – Offertory: A Gwhy Gwhy A
Kristen Tuxbury – Reading, by Manly P. Hall
Rev. Ken Crampton – Awaken Me
Rev. Ken Crampton – Meditation: Reflection
Rev. Ken Crampton – Presentation
Rev. Ken Crampton – Kuku
Rev. Ken Crampton – Coppershop Rumble

December 22 – Turning Toward the Light

Pati Dunn & Processional – Oak, Ash, and Thorn
Elizabeth Cameron – Chalice Lighting
Craig Cherry, Pati Dunn, Laura Joy, Rev. Doug McCusker – Calling the Four Directions
Rev. Doug McCusker – Wonder Box: The Dark, by Lemony Snicket
Elizabeth Cameron – Reading: “We Grow Accustomed to the Dark,” by Emily Dickinson
Rev. Doug McCusker & Laura Joy – Meditation
Craig Cherry – The Yule Log
Michele Nierle & Pati Dunn – Chant
Pati Dunn – This Little Light of Mine
Rev. Doug McCusker – Closing Words, by Gregory Jones

December 15 – I Light This Candle – UUFF Holiday Pageant

Pati Dunn, Chris Johns, & Michele Nierle – Dona Nobis Pacem
Austin McNichols – Chalice Lighting
Cathy McNichols – Wonder Box: A Nativity Story
Pati Dunn – Le Petit Rien
Austin McNichols – Reading: From Deepest Darkness There Came a Great Light, by Lynda Allen
Chris Johns – Introduction to Pageant
Pageant Cast – Pageant: I Light This Candle
Chris Johns – Pageant Thank Yous
Jason Michael, Nancy Michael, & Michele Nierle – Closing Words: We Are Waiting

December 8 – Under the Bodhi Tree

The Little Ringers – Simple Gifts
Michele Nierle – Chalice Lighting
Rev. Doug McCusker – Wonder Box: Under the Bodhi Tree
The Little Ringers – Christmas Time Is Here
Michele Nierle – Reading: Staring at the Bones, by Danna Faulds
Rev. Doug McCusker – Sermon: Liberation from the Walls of Our Own Making
Rev. Doug McCusker – Closing Words

December 1 – What Comes Along with Awe? – Michele Nierle

UUth Choir – Christmas Canon
Kristen Tuxbury – Fellowship at Work: Safe Congregation Policy
Christi Bayha – Chalice Lighting
Chris Johns – Wonder Box: Chalica
UUth Choir – Woodland Walk
Christi Bayha – Reading, by Susan Beaumont
Michele Nierle – What Comes Along with Awe?
Christi Bayha – Closing Words, by Marjorie Newlin Leaming

November 24 – The Land Remembers

Adult Choir – Prayer of the Children
Kristen Tuxbury – Chalice Lighting
Heather Gray – Patawomeck Blessing
Chris Johns – Wonder Box
Adult Choir – You Will Be Found
Kristen Tuxbury – Poem: Be Thankful
Rev. Doug McCusker – The Land Remembers
Rev. Doug McCusker & Kristen Tuxbury – Meditation
Michele Nierle – Reading, from Braiding Sweetgrass, by Robin Wall Kimmerer
Chief Charles Bullock, Patawomeck Tribe – Benediction

November 17 – The Rapture of Being Alive

Pati Dunn – Sweet Memories
Bill Johnson-Miles – Chalice Lighting
Rev. Doug McCusker – Wonder Box: Pastoral Care Team
Rev. Doug McCusker – Prayer: Transgender Day of Remembrance
Pati Dunn – A Special Place in My Heart
Bill Johnson-Miles – Reading: The Experience of Being Alive, by Joseph Campbell
Rev. Doug McCusker – The Rapture of Being Alive
Rev. Doug McCusker – Closing Words, by Joseph Campbell

November 10 – A Review of the 2019 Virginia Election – Dr. Stephen Farnsworth

Rhianna DeGeorge – The Star-Spangled Banner
Michele Nierle – Wonder Box
Pati Dunn – America the Beautiful
Shari Pastore – Introduction of Guest Speaker
Dr. Stephen Farnsworth – A Review of the Virginia Midterm Election
Shari Pastore – Closing Words, by Barack Obama

November 3 – Paying Attention to Ourselves

Handbells – The Skaters
Rev. Doug McCusker – Wonder Box: The Cracked Pot
Handbells – Can Can
Christi Bayha – Reading: Letters to My Body, by Christi Bayha
Michele Nierle – Meditation
Rev. Doug McCusker – Paying Attention to Ourselves
Rev. Doug McCusker – Closing Words, by Scott Sabile

October 27 – Lighting the Lamps of Unitarian Perspective in America – Gae Pinschmidt

October 20 – Belonging to Our Belongings

Karen Kallay & Bruce Callander – On Wings of Song
Rev. Doug McCusker – Wonder Box
UU La La – Happy Song
Andy Cameron – Reading: “This Fire Was Outrunning Us”
Rev. Doug McCusker – Belonging to Our Belongings
Rev. Doug McCusker – Responsive Reading #515, by Richard M. Fewkes

October 13 – Belonging to the Earth

Adult Choir – Thankful
Ralph Bush-Resko – Chalice Lighting
Michele Nierle – Wonder Box
Adult Choir – Children of Eden
Ralph Bush-Resko – Reading, “Bring Us Close to the Earth,” by Lyn Cox
Rev. Doug McCusker – Belonging to the Earth
Rev. Doug McCusker – Closing Words, by John Seed

October 6 – Everyone Is Welcome Here: The Seven UU Principles in Song – Jim Scott

Jim Scott – Common Ground
Kristen Tuxbury – Chalice Lighting
Jim Scott – Jim Scott on UU Congregations
Jim Scott & Congregation – Opening Hymn: Gather The Spirit
Chris Johns – Wonder Box
Jim Scott – Classical Guitar Improvisation
Kristen Tuxbury – Introduction of Guest Artist
Jim Scott & UUth Choir – Songs and Words about Our Principles
Jim Scott & UUth Choir – And One More Principle
Jim Scott & Congregation – Closing Hymn: May Your Life Be as a Song
Jim Scott – Benediction: Wisdom and Love