Sermons and Presentations Jan-Mar 2018

March 25 – Palm Sunday Rhythm Church – Rev. Ken Crampton

Rev. Ken Crampton – Opening and Chalice Lighting
Jane Ellen Teller – Introduction of Guest Speaker
Rev. Ken Crampton – Wonder Box: The Rhythm in Our Bodies
Rev. Ken Crampton – Kuku
Jane Ellen Teller – Reading, by Joachim-Ernst Berendt
Rev. Ken Crampton – Now I Walk In Beauty
Rev. Ken Crampton – Meditation: Beyond Sound
Rev. Ken Crampton – Presentation
Rev. Ken Crampton – Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha

March 18 – Moncure Conway: Journey to Free Thought

Adult Choir – On Children
Taylor Johns – Chalice Lighting
Rev. Doug McCusker – Wonder Box: Moncure Conway
Adult Choir – Rhythm Of Life
Taylor Johns – Reading, by Andrew Pakula
Rev. Doug McCusker – Meditation
Rev. Doug McCusker – Moncure Conway: Journey to Free Thought
Rev. Doug McCusker – Closing Words, by Kilroy Oldster

March 11 – Finding a New Balance in a #MeToo World – Rev. Doug McCusker and Marcia Grimsley

Pati Dunn – The Happy Farmer
Rev. Doug McCusker and Chris Johns – Wonder Box
Jon Gerlach – Stewardship Moment
Hugh Teller – Stewardship Moment
Christi Bayha – Reading and Introduction of Speaker
Rev. Doug McCusker and Marcia Grimsley – Finding A New Balance In A #MeToo World
Rev. Doug McCusker – Closing Words

March 4 – Living Things First – Rev. Sadie Lansdale

Handbells – Irish Tune from County Derry
Elizabeth Cameron – Introduction of Rev. Lansdale
Rev. Sadie Lansdale – Opening Words, by Hafiz
Rev. Sadie Lansdale – Wonder Box: Rainbow Fish
Handbells – The Skye Boat Song
Rev. Sadie Lansdale – Meditation Song
Rev. Sadie Lansdale – Living Things First
Rev. Sadie Lansdale – Closing Benediction

February 25 – Together We Can Do So Much

Sister Pussycats – Sister Suffragette
Kristen Tuxbury – Chalice Lighting and Opening Reading
Rev. Doug McCusker – Wonder Box: The Safe
Andy Cameron – Stewardship Moment
Elizabeth Cameron and Max DeGeorge – Love Is An Open Door
Rev. Doug McCusker – Community Heartbeat, Sermon, and Closing Words

February 18 – Kinds of Love – Rev. Don Garrett

Adult Choir – With You
Andy Cameron – Chalice Lighting
Rev. Don Garrett – Wonder Box: Love Without Boundaries
Janelle Kennedy – Stewardship Moment
Adult Choir – Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
Rev. Don Garrett – Kinds of Love

February 11 – Muse, Mess, Mastery: Working Through the Art Process as a Christian – Joseph DiBella

Katherine Chapin – Summertime
Adam Armstrong – Chalice Lighting
Adam Armstrong & Joseph DiBella – Introduction of Guest Speaker and Opening Reading: from Ecclesiastes
Chris Johns – Wonder Box
Elaine Hogan – Stewardship Moment
Katherine Chapin – Nocturne VI
Joseph DiBella – Presentation and Closing Words

February 4 – Perseverance Through Unity

UUth Choir – Get Back Up Again
Elizabeth Cameron – Opening Reading: If
Rev. Doug McCusker – Wonder Box: Scout Sunday Recognition
UUth Choir – Try Everything
Rev. Doug McCusker & Elizabeth Cameron – Reading: Things Most Commonly Believed Today Among Us
Rev. Doug McCusker – Sermon, Part I: Perserverance Through Unity: The Western Issue
Rev. Doug McCusker – Sermon, Part II: Perseverance Through Unity: It’s in Our Hands
Rev. Doug McCusker – Closing Words: from Peace Prayers

January 28 – The Power of Words – Lee Anne Washington

Karen Kallay – My Life Flows on in Endless Song
Kristen Tuxbury – Introduction of Lee Anne Washington
Lee Anne Washington – Opening Words: Who Can Live in Beloved Community?
Chris Johns – Wonder Box
Karen Kallay – Lieder ohne Worte no. 1 (Song Without Words)
Lee Anne Washington – Reading: In The Beginning
Lee Anne Washington – The Power Of Words
Lee Anne Washington – Closing Words: from God Gave Me a Word

January 21 – The Four Agreements

Pati Dunn – To A Wild Rose
Bill Johnson-Miles – Chalice Lighting
Rev. Doug McCusker – from The Four Agreements
Rev. Doug McCusker – Wonder Box: Sticks and Stones
Pati Dunn – Ich Grolle Nicht (“I bear no grudge”)
Bill Johnson-Miles – from Buddhist Understandings of Right Intention
Rev. Doug McCusker – Meditation: Toltec Spring
Rev. Doug McCusker – The Four Agreements
Rev. Doug McCusker – Closing Wordsby Eric Walker Wikstrom

January 14 – The Right of Conscience

Adult Choir – Little Innocent Lamb
Andy Cameron & Rev. Doug McCusker – Chalice Lighting and Opening Wordsfrom the Virginia Statute on Religious Freedom
Chris Johns – Wonder Box: Ruby Bridges: Surrounded By Love
Adult Choir – Take Down These Walls
Andy Cameron & Rev. Doug McCusker – Reading (from MLK Interview) and Sermon: The Right Of Conscience
Rev. Doug McCusker – Closing Wordsby James Luther Adams

January 7 – Meeting Yourself

Handbells – Though I May Speak with Bravest Fire
Rev. Doug McCusker  – Wonder Box: Fire Communion Ceremony
Handbells – You Light Up My Life
Cameron Hardin – Reading: Love Yourselfby Gregory Huyette
Rev. Doug McCusker –  Meeting Yourself
Rev. Doug McCusker – Closing Wordsby Annie Lamott