Sermons and Presentations Apr-Jun 2019

June 30 – The Power of We: Reflections from General Assembly

June 23 – The Meaning of a Lifetime – Christi Bayha

Elizabeth Cameron – A Thousand Years
Elizabeth Cameron – Chalice Lighting
Nancy Michael – Circle of Life
Elizabeth Cameron – Reading, by Matthew Johnson
Christi Bayha – The Meaning of a Lifetime
Elizabeth Cameron – Reading, from The Desiderata, by Max Ehrmann

June 16 – Air: The Invisible Beauty All Around Us – Air Communion

Pati Dunn – Air, from Water Music
Kristen Tuxbury – Chalice Lighting
Rev. Doug McCusker – Wonder Box
Pati Dunn – Air on the G String
Kristen Tuxbury – Reading, by C JoyBell C
Rev. Doug McCusker – Air:The Invisible Beauty All Around Us
Rev. Doug McCusker & Kristen Tuxbury – Air Communion Ritual (Laura Joy, Native American flute)
Rev. Doug McCusker – Closing Words, by Lyall Watson

June 9 – The Pale Blue Dot – Jason Michael & UUFF Music Ensembles – Music Sunday

Handbells – Singin’ in the Rain
Andy Cameron – Chalice Lighting: from the Ute Indians of North America
Nancy Krause – Opening Words, by Wendell Berry
The Little Ringers – Blue Boat Home
Jason & Nancy Michael – Wonder Box
Adult Choir – River of Dreams
Adult Choir – Peace in the Valley
Handbells – The Rainbow Connection
Chris Johns – Reading: “Wild Geese,” by Mary Oliver
UUth Choir – Reaching for the Stars
UUth Choir – Birdsong
Jason Michael – Sermonette: The Pale Blue Dot
Adult Choir – What a Wonderful World
Adult Choir – Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit
Handbells – Here Comes the Sun
Voiceover: Carl Sagan – Closing Words

June 2 – It’s a Beautiful Life – The Circle of Life Service

no audio recordings were made during this service–sorry!

May 26 – My Religion is You: A Humanist Perspective – Janelle Kennedy

Taylor Johns – One of Us
Elizabeth Cameron – Chalice Lighting
Chris Johns – Wonder Box
Bruce Callander – Atheists Don’t Have No Songs
Elizabeth Cameron – Reading: from The Autobiography of Charles Darwin
Janelle Kennedy – My Religion Is You: A Humanist Perspective
Elizabeth Cameron – Closing Words

May 19 – RE Power! – The DRE & The UUFF Youth – RE Sunday

Taylor and Pati – How Could Anyone Ever Tell You
Lower & Upper Elementary Classes – Welcome and Chalice Lighting
Middle School Class – Wonder Box: Mad Lib(eral Education)s
Pati – Hedwig’s Theme
Lydia – Reading: The Great Teachers in Life, by Jason Cook
Ms. Chris – Introduction to Presentations
The Pre-K/K Class – Pre-K/K Class Presentation
The Lower Elementary Class – Lower Elementary Class Presentation
The Upper Elementary Class – Upper Elementary Class Presentation
The Middle School Class – Middle School Class Presentation
Ms. Sarah & Ms. Chris – RE Committee Thank-Yous and Closing Words: If We Lose Another Generation, by Kim Sweeney

May 12 – Be Careful About What You Ask

Adult Choir – Pulled
Rev. Doug McCusker – Wonder Box
Adult Choir – Freak Flag
Bill Johnson-Miles – Reading: How to Operate Your Brain, by Timothy Leary
Rev. Doug McCusker – Be Careful What You Ask
Rev. Doug McCusker – Closing Words, by Rainer Maria Rilke

May 5 – Blessed Are the Curious, for They Shall Have Adventures

UUth Choir – Gonna Build a Mountain
Andy Cameron – Chalice Lighting
Rev. Doug McCusker & Holly Sauer – Wonder Box: New Member Recognition
UUth Choir – Reaching for the Stars
Andy Cameron – Reading: from Living Philosophies, by Albert Einstein
Rev. Doug McCusker – Blessed Are the Curious, for They Shall Have Adventures
Rev. Doug McCusker – Closing Words, by Scott Tayler

April 28 – Listening to the Universe – Rev. Geraldine Amaral

UU La La – My Bonnie Lass She Smelleth
Christi Bayha – Chalice Lighting
Chris Johns – Wonder Box: Feathers and Pennies
UU La La – A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
Christi Bayha – Reading, by Frank Joseph
Rev. Geraldine Amaral – Listening to the Universe
Rev. Geraldine Amaral – Closing Meditation

April 21 – That Which Will Not Stay Buried – Easter and Flower Communion

no audio recordings were made during this service–sorry!

April 14 – We Will Rock You CoA Style! – The Coming of Age Service

UUth Choir – Reflection
The Coming of Age Mentors – Wonder Box
Adult Choir – I Am But A Small Voice
Simon and Lydia – To Outgrow the Past, by William Lawrence
The Coming of Age Youth – Presentation of Coming of Age Credos
Juan and Chelsea – Beyond Borders, by Rick Hoyt

April 7 – The Journey Toward Wholeness Requires Liberation – Rev. Doug McCusker & Mandolin Restivo

Handbells –
Rev. Doug McCusker – Wonder Box
Handbells – The Inner Light (Pati Dunn, tin whistle)
Rev. Doug McCusker – Unplugging from the Matrix
Mandolin Restivo – Journey Toward Wholeness
Rev. Doug McCusker – Closing Words, by Emily McDowell