Sermons and Presentations Apr – Jun 2014

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April 6, 2014

UUth Choir – Alone in the Universe

Rev. Walter Braman – The Care & Feeding of Ministers

April 13, 2014

Bob Weekley, UU Fellowship of Rappahannock – What Does the Bible Mean to UUs

April 20, 2014

Rev. Walter Braman – What is Flower Communion for UUs?

Adult Choir – All Through the Night

Adult Choir – Easter Gives You Wings

Adult Choir – Heilig

April 27, 2014

May 4, 2014

Chimes Choir – Sing A Rainbow

Chimes Choir – You Light Up My Life

Rev. Walter Braman – Walking Together

May 11, 2014

Alan Kravatz – Good Luck, My Son

Gloria Lloyd, Ainsley Brown, Sheila Clark, Vashtye Ferguson, Patrick Neustatter, Valerie Setzer, Jane Ellen Teller – Remembering Our Moms–Continuing Our Bonds

May 18, 2014 – RE Service

May 25, 2014

Jun 1, 2014

Jun 8, 2014 – Music Sunday

UUth Choir – Talk to the Animals

Chimes Choir – The Winds Beneath My Wings (from Beaches)

UUth & Adult Choirs – Salutation of the Dawn

James Sperlazza, Bernadette Jones, Nancy Krause, Doug & Annalisa Wall, Bruce Callander, Jason Michaels – Words & Readings

Tiny TUUnes – Animal Crackers in My Soup

Chimes Choir – Baby Mine (from Dumbo)

Adult Choir – Under the Sea

Bruce Callander – Reindeer are Better than People

Jason Michael – The Circle of Life

Adult & UUth Choirs – The Unicorn

Adult Choir – The Circle of Life

Jun 15, 2014

Jun 22, 2014

Order of Service (.PDF)

Bruce Callander – All God’s Creatures

Craig Cherry – The Wheel of Life

Jun 29, 2014

Order of Service (.PDF)

Max Johns &Joe Devaney – Waiting for the Light to Shine

Chris Johns & Co. – Program