Path to Membership

Anyone who is willing to support the purpose of the Fellowship may seek membership. Once you’ve come to our services a number of times and feel you’d like to explore membership, our Membership Committee would love to speak with you.

The criteria for membership are as follows:

1. Has reached sixteen (16) years of age;

2. Has discussed membership with a person or group or completed a class designated by the Membership Committee;

3. Has signed the Membership Book; and

4. Has made the minimum annual financial contribution of record, established annually by the Board, within the previous or current fiscal year; the contribution may be waived annually by the Board upon recommendation by the Minister.

As a new member, we encourage you to make positive connections that will enrich your experience at the UUFF. By regularly attending Sunday services, social events and other activities, you will get to know others and feel more at home. Becoming involved with small groups, volunteering for committee work or special projects, signing up to be a greeter, or helping with our youth religious education are all ways to share your gifts with us as you foster deeper relationships. We hope you will be motivated to go beyond the minimum financial contribution necessary to maintain membership, and will make an annual pledge to our operating budget as your means allow.