Building and Grounds

The Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for making improvements and repairs to the buildings and grounds of the Fellowship. The committee must insure that maintenance, repairs and improvements are made in accordance with the Fellowship’s desires, in accordance with its budgetary limitations and in accordance with county codes. The committee is also responsible for scheduling required inspections such as fire, furnace, etc.

The members of the Building and Grounds Committee are: Bill Wood, Chair, Ray Pollock, Ralph Phipps, Ron Wasem, Randy Walther, Max Johns, Hannelore Montgomery,  and Mike Nerenberg.

Interior Design Committee

The Interior Design Committee is a sub-committee of Building and Grounds. Their mission is to bring cohesive and aesthetically pleasing ideas to our building in order to achieve a warm and welcoming space and spiritual home for members and friends. This is achieved in a number of ways ie; paint colors, fabrics, textures, artwork, furniture choices and layouts, lighting choices, etc.

Members of the Interior Design Committee are: Margie Heppe, Chair, Nancy Krause, Paula Neustatter, Rosier Dedwylder, Janelle Kennedy, Sara Holloway, Susan Ohle, Anne Little and David Lovegrove.