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Services for July and August, 2019

There are no monthly themes for July/August


July 7

Looking Back at the Sermon that Started Unitarianism
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Miriam Liss

On May 5, 1819, Rev. William Ellery Channing gave a sermon at a colleague’s ordination entitled “Unitarian Christianity.”  He didn’t mean to start a whole new denomination, but it is considered the defining moment in which Unitarianism was born.  What was in that sermon, and how does it relate to us now, 200 years later?

July 14

Gae Pinschmidt
Worship Associate: Bill Johnson-Miles

“The ultimate gift is a gift of oneself to someone else.  Our memoirs community has given such gifts beyond measure.  Sharing our lives in stories and memoirs forges a common bond -all the random pieces fitting a whole,” writes Paula Barnes. Paula and fellows Memoirs members Alane Callander, Steve Elstein, and Patrick Neustatter will share some of their autobiographical stories written as part of this ongoing group.

July 21

Coming of Age – Again and Again
Laura Joy
Worship Associate: Ralph Bush-Resko

Laura is a retired teacher who lived for many years in England, where she became involved in the religion of Spiritualism.  She also has an interest in healing, medium-ship, ancient cultures, and the influence of extraterrestrials on planet Earth.  She will relate how these have influenced her spiritual journey, which led her to the UUFF when she came to Fredericksburg in 2014.  Laura sings with the UUFF Adult Choir and the madrigal group UU La La, and she is a member of the Sunday Services Committee.

July 28

Facing Obstacles
Holly Sauer
Worship Associate: Christi Bayha

The Miracle Worker and the life of Helen Keller have had a large impact on my life, influencing how I see myself, how I see people with disabilities, and how to be a better person, even in the face of obstacles.  This is a Shared Pulpit presentation.

August 4

People of Corn: A Mayan Tale
Dance Matrix & Company
Worship Associate: Kristen Tuxbury

In this service, Dance Matrix & Company weave dance and theater to tell the story of how the ancient Mayan gods, Heart of Heaven and Plumed Serpent, created the first true people that became the mothers and fathers of the Maya.  Since its founding in 1993, Dance Matrix has been spreading an understanding and appreciation of modern/contemporary dance and the performing arts within the Fredericksburg area community.  Join us for an entertaining an educational program featuring professional dancers who use their expertise to create dance as an art of expression.

August 11

Real Thoughts and Prayers
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Elizabeth Cameron

“Thoughts and prayers” has become a trite phrase these days when used without any real thought.  But for those who pray as a spiritual practice, it is an expression of the consciousness of connection.  Join us as we explore more deeply the concept of prayer and directed intentions.

August 18

Mental Illness: My Journey to Identity
Ralph Bush-Resko
Worship Associate: Shari Pastore

Sometimes earth-shattering change is necessary to find out who you really are.  Come hear about Ralph’s experience with what she has come to think of as a devastating opportunity and what she has learned about mental illness, the gift of change, and claiming your own identity.

August 25

Happy Endings
Patrick Neustatter, MD
Worship Associate: Andy Cameron

Comics claim, “America is the only country where death is considered optional.”  Unfortunately, even for Americans, this is not true.  Our last few days, weeks, or months often finish up with what Atul Gawande, author of Being Mortal, calls ODTAA: One Damn Thing After Another.  Patrick will discuss management of end-of-life care, how to die well, and how to have a happy ending.