Coronavirus Updates

This page will be updated regularly as we continue to monitor the situation with COVID-19.  Last Updated: June 16, 2022.



Rev. Doug is available for 1:1 counseling and meetings in his office.  Our Office Administrator, Nancy Michael, will be doing some of her work at home but will come into the office from time to time to check the mail and issue checks. Therefore, the regular office hours will not be in effect. The best way to reach the office at this time is via email at, and she will respond as she is able.

Click here for a pdf version of this policy

The following policies and procedures apply to any group affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fredericksburg (UUFF) or any renter wishing to physically meet on UUFF property/building during the aforementioned period of time. Anyone meeting at the Fellowship property or building must adhere to the procedures below. Requests for waivers to any of the procedures below must be submitted by the group leader in writing to the UUFF Board President at

Group Leaders will review these procedures with all participants at the beginning of meetings. A copy of these Policy and Procedures will be posted on the door of the building and here on the UUFF website. Everyone is encouraged to read them upon entry.

The Covid Act Now database and dashboard ( will be used to determine gathering protocols at the Fellowship. Covid Act Now uses key metrics (including Daily New Cases per 100,000 people, Infection Rate, Positive Test Rate, % Vaccinations) in determining overall risk levels, which range from Low to Extremely High.

The minister will check the risk factor on Mondays each week. When the risk factor is Very High or Extremely High, the Sunday worship service will be restricted to online only. Information will be distributed to the congregation through emailed Order of Service, on the Fellowship’s homepage, and in the UUFF Facebook Group.

We encourage those attending in-person gatherings to be fully vaccinated with a booster as they are able, while recognizing that this is not an option for all. However, due to the increased risk of infection caused by group singing, all Choir members will be required to be fully vaccinated and must show proof of vaccination to attend rehearsals. Please make the decision that is best for you and your family’s health and safety regarding attending in person activities at UUFF.

Indoor/Outdoor Gatherings:

  • Groups wishing to meet inside or outside the fellowship must email the UUFF Office Administrator for approval at least one week in advance.
  • All meetings must have a designated leader or staff member who has reserved the space with the Office Administrator at least 1 week in advance. The leader/staff member is responsible for assuring adherence to this policy. Any person who chooses to ignore this policy will be asked to leave the meeting in order to protect all participants from possible exposure to the coronavirus.
  • It is recommended that individuals immediately wash their hands or use sanitizer upon entry to the building and after using the restroom.
  • If the group chooses an activity that includes participants removing their masks, the activity must take place outdoors.
  • Group leaders must keep a list of all participants present in case contact tracing is required after the meeting. In the event that one of the attendees tests positive for COVID within 10 days of the meeting, the group leader will contact all present, as well as the Board President and the Minister.
  • For Sunday worship, no list of participants will be kept. In the event that one of the attendees tests positive for Covid within 10 days of attending worship, that person will notify the Minister. The Minister will disseminate an email to the congregation notifying everyone that a worship attendee tested positive for Covid without divulging their name.
  • Clorox spray and wipes found on the sink counter are there for your use as needed to clean surfaces.

Indoor Gatherings:

  • All group meeting participants for indoor activities must wear N95 (or equivalent) respirator masks or double surgical masks when inside the building.
  • All participants are encouraged to maintain physical distancing of 6 feet if near others for a prolonged period of time (approximately one hour).
  • No eating or drinking while indoors.  Small groups of 15 or less may bring their own food and beverage to consume during their meeting.
  • When the risk factor for our area is Medium or lower, there will be no additional limitations beyond the fire code on how many people can gather indoors at the Fellowship. When the risk factor is High, the limit will be 50; when it is Very High, the limit will be 30 and when it is Extremely High, the limit will be 15.
  • Any UUFF Group meeting at a non-UUFF location is recommended to adhere to these same policies for indoor events.
  • Choirs may rehearse indoors and must show proof of vaccination to the Choir Director.

Outdoor Gatherings:

  • Groups meeting outdoors must maintain physical distancing of 6 feet when eating. Participants must bring their own food and drink; no sharing of food is permitted.
  • All outdoor groups are encouraged to wear masks or maintain 6 ft physical distancing. It is recommended that any person who is not fully vaccinated wear a mask.


The Sick Person Policy remains in effect for all activities connected to the Fellowship. Please review this policy prior to attending any UUFF affiliated meeting.