Upcoming Sunday Services

Services for April, 2018

Monthly Theme: Emergence

April 1

Emergence of Hope
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Bill Johnson-Miles
Adult Choir will perform

Easter is a day set aside on the Christian calendar to celebrate the renewal of life. This is a universal theme that only makes sense if you accept death and loss as the fertile soil for new and unexpected things to emerge. Join us for our Flower Communion ceremony as we give celebrate the emergence of Spring.

April 8

Out of Democracy, Sweet Music Emerges
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Cameron Hardin

Jazz is an art form that emerged from the cradle of democracy and embodied the freedom of collective participation in its truest sense. Jazz invites the musicians to join in, express the song in their hearts and to listen to one another. Throughout its history, jazz has broken down barriers and refused to be silenced. Come hear our jazz ensemble, listen to poetry and let your spirit dance.

April 15

Keeping Up with the Youth Group
UUFF Youth Group Members
Worship Associate: Austin McNichols

In this service, the UUFF Youth Group will explore a variety of topics, and we want to focus on our experiences as we start looking toward entering adulthood.  However, this service will be largely written and decided upon the night before, so please join us with open hearts and minds!!

April 22

Being a Green Sanctuary
Rev Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Christi Bayha

For this year’s Earth Day service, we will contemplate what it means to be a place of sanctuary for nature, so nature can be a sanctuary for us. This spring we will be re-starting our effort to become a UUA certified green sanctuary What role do we play as individuals and as members of this community in promoting ecological sustainability and environmental justice?.

April 29

Introduction to Spiritualism
Laura Joy
Worship Associate: Elizabeth Cameron

UUFF Member Laura Joy was introduced to the religion of Spiritualism over 30 years ago while living in England.  She shares some of her own experiences and provides an introduction to Spiritualist origins, beliefs, teachings, and phenomena.