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Services for April, 2020

Monthly Theme: Liberation

Liberation is much more complicated than we usually tell ourselves. It would be so much easier if life really was divided up neatly between the good and bad guys, between those trapped and those holding the key. There are certainly times when the fight for freedom is about calling out and challenging “those people.” But true liberation seems to rest with those who have the courage to start with themselves and notice how “me” and “them” are more entangled than it appears at first blush. And seeing ourselves as both prison and key. Sometimes we are also the guard, carrying out orders we don’t like but are too afraid to challenge. And what about the many ways we are funders of the entire jail? The wise ones are right: dismantling oppressive systems begins with noticing the many ways we ourselves prop it up.

Yet, as every religion worth its salt says, confession by itself leads down a dark road. It must always be paired with compassion. We’ve got to remember that as well. We’ve got to remember that we are all liberators and oppressors, victims and victimizers. It’s not just you that is prisoner, key, guard, warden and jail funder wrapped into one. It’s all of us. You, me, them. We all play all the parts. We’re all caught up in the mess, pain and tragedy of it together.

~ from Soul Matters


April 5

Listening to Fear
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Elizabeth Cameron

Many of us are captive to our fears. We have lived with them for so long that we accept them as a natural wall that defines who we are. Rather than trying to scale that wall, what if we sat beside it? Perhaps there is a message, or an insight embedded in our relationship with our fears? The way to liberation lies less in overcoming our fears and more in listening to them.

April 12

Is There Resurrection without Death?
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Shari Pastore

As anyone who has experienced a life-changing event will ascribe, in order to make a clean break and a new start we must be willing to let that former aspect of our life die. That doesn’t happen overnight.  It is a difficult process of confusion, negotiation, mourning and finally letting go. Easter is a season to reflect on our internal resurrection within the one body and one life that we know.

April 19

Friendship Beyond the Limits of Hate and Prejudice
Marcia Grimsley
Worship Associate: Miriam Liss

Join us as Marcia Grimsley tells her very personal story of a Jewish woman and a self-defined white supremacist male forging a deep bond and enduring friendship in the face of racism and distrust that went untold for forty years. “This is a story of courage, the power of the human spirit and the immeasurable capacity of the heart to transcend hatred and fear.” Marcia Grimsley has been a professional Life Coach based in Fredericksburg, VA for 15 years. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Therapy from VCU and has furthered her education with doctorate level courses in counseling. Prior to her Life Coaching career, she worked as a therapist in Texas for 15 years. Marcia is a member of the Integrative Medical Team at the Cancer Center at Mary Washington Healthcare.

April 26

Through the Looking Glass
The UUFF Youth Group
Worship Associate: Austin McNichols

Join the UUFF Youth Group as they look into the level of representation given to the LGBTQ+ community and how that impacts their individual mindsets and society as a whole. They will share their own perspectives as people both inside and outside that community, as well as the inspiring perspectives of others with the congregation.