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Services for October, 2018

Theme for September: Sanctuary

Just saying the word “sanctuary” brings one a sense of peace and safety. It can bring back conflicted memories for some, but for most of us the idea of sanctuary conjures up feelings of being protected. But as we dig deeper, we are reminded that the sanctuaries in our lives do more than simply protect us. They also send us. They don’t just help us heal from our journeys; they also strengthen us for the new journeys ahead. In their fullest, they are not escape houses as much as fueling stations. Along the way, we also discover that our sanctuaries need sheltering and protection themselves. It’s a paradox: our sanctuaries can’t protect and repair us unless we also protect and repair them. So, in the end, maybe the most important question this month is “How are we caring for our sanctuaries, so they can take care of us?” ~ excerpt from Soul Matters

October 7

On a Mission to Lovingly Transform Our Community and the World
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Bill Johnson-Miles
Adult Choir Performs

For this fourth and final sermon based on our shared mission we will explore what it means to commit to transforming our community and the world. It’s kind of like changing the tires of a car while speeding down the racetrack. It’s not like we exist outside of the world and can simply change things from a distance. Instead, we need to start from the inside out by understanding how the world is affecting us and what in us needs to be transformed.

October 14

Safe Harbor Amidst the Chaos
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Taylor Johns
UU La La Performs

This month our theme is Sanctuary, which can be both a place of solace and a way station where healing and strength can be renewed.  But we are not meant to stay in sanctuary forever. Sometimes our place is to be a calming presence in the chaos.

October 21

I Was a Stranger and You Invited Me In
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Elizabeth Cameron

Modern genetic tracing of human DNA has revealed patterns of migration out of Africa across the entire land mass for millennia. The human story is one of migration and the mixing of people.  Every time that happened a choice was made to treat the boundaries between people as a wall or a bridge. This is still going on and whether we are the migrant or the resident, the choice of how we will respond lies deep within our heart.

October 28

Jerusalem: Contested Parallel Narratives
Dr. Amin Tarzi
Worship Associate: Kristen Tuxbury
Handbells Perform

Jerusalem plays a central role in Judaism and the history of the Jewish people, and it also has fundamental ties to both Christianity and Islam, as well as links to Palestinian Arab nationalism.  Drawing on history, theology, and belief systems, this talk will survey the contestations and parallel narratives surrounding the City of Peace.  Professor Tarzi is the Director of Middle East Studies at the Marine Corps University in Quantico; an Adjunct Professor of Practice (Political Science) at University of Southern California’s Dornsife, Washington, DC Program; and a Senior Fellow, Program on the Middle East, at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.