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Services for September, 2019

Monthly Theme: Expectation

Sometimes we UUs become so focused on taking hold of life that we lose the spiritual skill of allowing life to hold us. And there’s a lot at stake in being able to do both. We human beings weren’t just made to manifest our power; we were born to learn we are part of a greater whole. What are your expectations of this sacred but stormy sea in which we all swim? Do you have faith that this wildly unpredictable life of ours won’t lead you astray? When your expectations get turned on their head, do you see that as a threat or are you willing to lean in? Are you willing to let life’s currents lead you where they will?
~ excerpt from Soul Matters packet “What Does it Mean to be a People of Expectation?”


September 1

The Double-Edge of Expectation
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Miriam Liss

It is hard to avoid having expectations even when we know that it sets us up for disappointment. Expectations don’t just appear out of nowhere. They come from our past experiences, serve as motivation and help shape our outlook on life. And yet, they can prevent us from being open to unanticipated opportunities and can lead to suffering. Join us as we navigate a middle way that leads to acceptance.

September 8

The Rivers of Our Lives
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Ralph Bush-Resko

We live in a river city. Creeks crisscross our paths. Underground streams invisibly flow toward the river. All this water supports life. How has it supported you this summer and led you to this point? This is our annual Ingathering Service when we share the waters from our lives to create a river of love and fellowship. You are invited to bring water for our Water Communion and food for our Welcome Back potluck lunch after the service.

September 15

The Interdependent Web of Justice
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Bill Johnson-Miles

Recently our Fellowship voted to address the impact that climate change and environmental oppression has on marginalized communities. This is fertile ground for justice making at the intersection of class, race and the environment. It will require us to understand our relationship with these communities, with systemic racism and with our shared Earth. We are all connected in an interdependent web of justice.

September 22

Liberalism as a Religion
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Christi Bayha

As Unitarian Universalists, we pride ourselves on accepting different beliefs. But we often overlook our central, common belief in liberty and freedom as the ultimate ideals of humanity that the Creator endowed in us through basic human rights. While we may differ on who or what the Creator is, our shared values arise from our shared humanity. Let’s explore this thing called “liberalism” that shapes our view of the world.

September 29

The Way of Harmony
Aviv Goldsmith, Sensei
Worship Associate: Shari Pastore

Aikido is an effective yet non-violent traditional Japanese martial art. Aviv will be speaking on Aikido and Peacemaking, drawing from insightful quotes from thought leaders on the challenges of peacemaking. He will also demonstrate how to use Aikido to diffuse situations without causing harm to either person.