Upcoming Sunday Services

Services for June, 2017

Monthly Theme: Joy

June 4

Circle of Life
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Kristen Tuxbury

Join us as we celebrate the significant passages of life.  We will dedicate our young children, recognize our teenagers who bridge to adulthood, honor our adults who have recently retired, and memorialize any of our congregants and close family and friends who died this year.

June 11

Music Committee Sunday: It’s Elementary!
Jason Michael, Music Director and UUFF Music Ensembles
Worship Associates: Bruce Callander and James Sperlazza
Adult Choir, UUth Choir, Handbells, and Tiny TUUnes will perform

Join us for our end-of-year musical extravaganza, presented by the Music Committee.  This year, we’ll share music and readings organized on the theme of the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  Our Adult Choir, Handbells, UUth Choir, and Tiny TUUnes will add their talents to the service.  Popular staples and new music will be presented, including two pieces that have special meaning for members of the congregation.

June 18

Uncovering Wow
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Christi Bayha

Do you pull over for a beautiful sunset, or stop what you are doing when you hear a particular piece of music?  If so, then you are caught in the wow zone of awe and wonder.  It is hard to escape the joy that comes over us when we encounter these moments.  These are the times when we are truly human.

June 25

End of Life Issues
Dr. Rebecca Bigoney
Worship Associate: Susan Kosior

Dr. Bigoney returns to the UUFF for a presentation focused on end of life issues.  She is a specialist in internal medicine, as well as in hospice and palliative care.  She spearheaded the development of both the clinical ethics program and the palliative care program at Mary Washington Hospital.