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Services for November, 2019

Monthly Theme: Attention

Mary Oliver writes, “Attention is the beginning of devotion.” It’s a beautiful way of saying you cannot love something that you do not really see. Love simply isn’t possible without deep noticing. And noticing deeply seems to inevitably lead to love. Glances and self-interested attention never get to the real person. They stay on the surface and treat the other as a mirror. What you fall in love with is how they make you feel and how they enhance your statue with others. Which means that all you’ve really done is fall in love with yourself. Loving them, truly them, requires noticing your needs and then putting them down. It asks you to look without expectation of who you want or hope they will be, and instead try to focus simply on who they are right now. It’s a type of looking that keeps on looking until you discover something entirely new, entirely other, entirely and uniquely them. And once you notice something that uniquely new, you’re in trouble, because you will most definitely be devoted. You will no longer think about what you’re getting. You will only want to give.
~ from the November Soul Matters packet


November 3

Paying Attention to Ourselves
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Christi Bayha
Handbells Perform

Barbara Brown Taylor recommends that from time to time we take off our clothes, look at ourselves in the mirror, and tell ourselves with as much tenderness as we can, “Here I am, this is my soul’s address.” It is deeply spiritual work to learn to treat ourselves with compassion; to learn to see ourselves, if only in moments, the same way we look at something or someone we find beautiful: a newborn baby, the ocean, a sunset.

November 10

The 2019 Election
Dr. Stephen Farnsworth
Worship Associate: Shari Pastore

Service description coming soon.  Dr. Farnsworth’s annual service, in which he discusses the results of the most recent election.

November 17

The Rapture of Being Alive
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Kristen Tuxbury

In this At-Your-Service-Auction sermon chosen by Bill Johnson-Miles we will explore the teachings of Joseph Campbell. Campbell described religious stories as “myths,” and he said that for us to acquire the experience of inner value, the rapture associated with being alive, we must read myths. “They teach you that you can turn inward, and you begin to get the message of the symbols.”

November 24

The Land Remembers
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Bill Johnson-Miles
Adult Choir Performs

If the land below our Fellowship could speak what stories would it tell? Let us turn our attention to the land and honor its presence with gratitude and wonder. We welcome members of the Potowameck Tribe whose ancestral land we are situated. Join us for our intergenerational Thanksgiving service and feast as we give thanks for the land and the first people who lived here.