Upcoming Sunday Services

Services for May, 2017

Monthly Theme: Embodiment


May 7

When Body Meets Soul
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Kristen Tuxbury
Handbells will perform

Does our unique animating spirit inhabit our bodies, or does our body inhabit a larger, collective spirit of life? The answer comes from within us whenever we enable ourselves to love. When our body and soul flow together we become the physical embodiment of universal love.

May 14

The Able Being
Rev. Theresa Soto
Worship Leader: Rev. Doug McCusker
Adult Choir will perform

Ableism, the practice of regarding people as inferior because of their different physical abilities, disregards the multiple ways that people are present in our community. Our bodies do not define us. We all have different abilities and talents that make us unique and special beings. Rev. Doug and Rev. Theresa Soto will explore how our UU faith, spirituality and anti-ableism intersect.

May 21

Jedis and Hogwards and OWLs, Oh My!
Chris Johns, DRE, and the UUFF Youth
Worship Associate: RE Students
UUth Choir will perform

Join the UUFF youth and the people who work with the Religious Education program for a look back on what has proven to be a very interesting instructional year!

May 28

William Ellery Channing in Virginia: Lessons for Us Living Our Faith
Catherine Boyle
Worship Associate: Andy Cameron

Channing is called the father of American Unitarianism.  In this sermon, explore what lessons he teaches us for our faith in modern times.  Catherine BOyle is a ministerial intern at the First UU Church of Richmond.