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Summer Services

August 17
Sacred Feast: Eating, Feeding, and the Future of the Church
Sara Mackey

The church is changing. Our ways of thinking about food are changing. How do these two new (?) phenomena relate to each other and to us? Join us and guest speaker Sara Mackey as we consider these questions.

August 24
Somebody Should Do Something
Janet Marshall Watkins

Janet is the Executive Director of the Rappahannock Area Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program. She will talk about the issues that lead to child abuse and neglect, how  children suffer and persevere, and how caring people can make a difference.

August 31
Becoming Happier: Easy as Pie?
Miriam Liss

Our happiness can be thought of as a pie. The biggest slice is determined by genetics. It is not dependent on circumstances as most people think, and changing those circumstances doesn’t help achieve happiness. Miriam Liss, author of Balancing the Big Stuff: Finding Happiness in Work, Family and Life, will discuss the “hedonic treadmill” and intentional activities shown to improve happiness.