Throughout the year, we sponsor special events, activities and programs designed to appeal to a broad range of interests. Adult religious education classes, discussion groups, musical presentations, holiday parties, and potluck suppers and picnics are some of the ways in which we come together as a community to learn, share and grow.

In addition, there are many groups and activities occurring on an ongoing basis. Contact information for the following groups is printed on the back of the Order of Service, or call our office.

Adult Choir: For those with some musical experience. Primary contact: Jason Michael

UUth Choir: Designed for children and teens. Primary contact: Chris Johns

Handchimes Choir: No musical experience necessary. Primary contact: Jason Michael

Community Circles: Fosters connection and intimacy; conversations are organized around a variety of themes. Primary contact: Valerie Setzer

Great Books Group: Reads and discusses selections from great books of western civilization. Primary contact: Ron Smith

Life Preservers: Focus is on aspects of caregiving and end-of-life-issues. Discussion and speakers. Primary contact: Gae Pinschmidt

Memoirs Group: Writes and shares stories on different aspects of life.

Men’s Group: Gathers at a local restaurant for social interaction. Primary contact: Steve Elstein

Mood Supporters Group: Provides support and information to those with mental health issues. Primary contact: Karen Kallay

Music Group: Gather to make music in an informal setting just for fun. Any instrument or voice. All skill levels. Primary Contact: Lee Criscuolo

Pastoral Care Team: Members are trained to offer care to those in need. Primary contact: Diane Elstein

Sunday Discussion Group: Focuses on current affairs topics, often controversial. Check the calender for discussion topics. Primary contact: Stew Engel

Teen Girls Group: Focuses on sharing experiences and discussing topics relevant to teen life. Primary contact: Janet Watkins

Vegetarian Group: Presentations on meal planning, shopping and recipes, with a potluck lunch. Primary contact: Gloria Lloyd

Women’s Group: Meets monthly at area restaurants for casual conversation. Primary contact: Susan Lovegrove