Standing Committees

The Sunday Services Committee assists with Sunday services and arranges speakers for lay-led programs. Chair: Patrick Neustatter

The Music Committee provides music for Sunday services and other events, and supports our music director/accompanist. Co-chairs: Bruce Callander, James Sperlazza

The Religious Education Committee is responsible for all religious education, including youth and adult programs and youth rites of passage. Chair: Kirsten Willis

The Community Action Committee focuses on matters of social concern within the community, with an emphasis on direct services. Chair: Curtis Swinburne

The Social Justice Committee promotes UU principles in civic affairs through education and advocacy for long-term systemic change. Co-chairs: Jenny Bishop, Luis Yac

The Denominational Affairs Committee maintains communication with the UUA, and strives to provide representation at the district and national levels. Chair: Lois Colbridge

The Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of the Fellowship building and grounds. Chair: Bill Wood

The Friendship Committee fosters social interaction by offering Sunday hospitality, arranging social events, and sending greetings and condolences. Co-chairs: Natalie Davis, Susan Lovegrove

The Membership Committee focuses on welcoming newcomers, organizes greeters, maintains membership records, and plans new member activities. Chair: Susan Ohle

The Finance Committee handles the pledge drive, fundraising events, and investments, and annually submits budget recommendations to the board. Chair: Craig Cherry

The Comprehensive Affairs Committee focuses on growth issues and facilitates projects that require a comprehensive approach. Chair: Nancy Krause