Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fredericksburg

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This Month’s Theme: Presence

December 11

Trouble in Shop 37
Rev. Doug McCusker and Chris Johns

Almost 40 different holidays are celebrated around the world during this season. One of the central messages in all the celebrations is Love. Our connections are our greatest gifts. This Sunday the children of our Fellowship will treat us to a hilarious pageant written by our Director of Religious Education, Chris Johns about how easy it is to lose site of the simple connections that are already present in our lives.




One-Day Workshop: EXTREME SELF CARE with Marcia Grimsley, Life Coach
Join guest facilitator, Marcia Grimsley, on December 4th for this dynamic, two-hour interactive workshop, created for busy women and men who want to live a more balanced, satisfying, and peaceful lifestyle.  Participants will learn techniques to reduce personal stress and conflict and feel less overwhelmed or stuck in life. This workshop can help students gain more personal power to face day-to-day challenges while shaping a more positive lifestyle. Small workbooks will be provided that include space for answering workshop questions and for note taking. Class size will be limited to 30 students. Please email Chris Johns, DRE, to request sign up information and childcare if needed.  Please click here to register.