We are thrilled to welcome you to the home of the UUFF at 25 Chalice Circle.

You are cordially invited to join us in our joyful celebrations of beloved community. We offer an open-minded and supportive environment for those seeking philosophical, spiritual, intellectual and religious exploration. Here you will find inspiring services, uplifting music, vibrant religious education, engaging dialogue, and community connection. We invite you to ask questions, share ideas, and join us in our search for truth and understanding. We look forward to meeting you and personally welcoming you into our congregation.

Join us at 25 Chalice Circle. Map and directions here.

Here is our complete listing of summer services for July and August here at UUFF:

July 5
Dead in India: The Failures of Memoir
Steve Watkins

UUFF member and author Steve Watkins will talk about his near-death experiences years ago in India, and the difficulties–maybe even the impossibility–of making narrative sense out of major, and sustained, trauma.
Lay Leader: Christi Bayha
Offertory Music: Karen Kallay
Summer RE:
 Grades K-2: Seashells by the Seashore with Cathy McNichols
Grades 3-6: Drama-Rama-Ding-Ding with Chris Johns

July 12
Swept Under the Rug: Acknowledging a Shameful History and Moving Forward
Kirsten Green

Kristen Green, a longtime journalist, will talk about returning to her hometown of Prince Edward County, Va., to write about county leaders’ decisions to close the schools in 1959 rather than desegregate. The author of Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County will explain her investigation into why white leaders chose this path, share what she learned in interviews with affected students, and tell us about uncovering her own family’s role in the tragedy. The wife of a multiracial man and the mother of multiracial children, Kristen describes her personal journey exploring guilt, shame, and the limits of loyalty.
Lay Leader: Karen Kallay
Offertory Music: Steve Slominski
Summer RE: 
Grades K-2: Drumming and Story Telling with Kristen Tuxbury
Grades 3-6: Campfire Songs with Pati Dunn and Bruce Callander

July 19
Update on the Affordable Care Act
Dr. Chris Lillis

Chris Lillis is going to provide an update on the Affordable Care Act, including enrollment numbers, poll numbers, and what the recent Supreme Court decision means.
Lay Leader: Patrick Neustatter
Offertory Music: Miriam Liss
Summer RE:
 Grades K-2: Campfire Songs with Pati Dunn and Bruce Callander
Grades 3-6: Drumming and Story Telling with Kristen Tuxbury

July 26
Where God Comes From
Garrett Glass

Garrett Glass, author of the controversial early Christianity novels Jehoshua: Signs and Wonders and Jehoshua: Conflagration, will be speaking about his third book, Who Cut God’s Hair?, a unique approach to Freud’s argument that God is an illusion.  Glass has been featured on the monthly Book Club of the Patheos.com website, which is the world’s largest website devoted to religion and spiritual matters.
Lay Leader: Keri Gusmann
Offertory Music provided by the speaker
Summer RE: 
Grades K-2: Button Making with Susan Calhoun-Sousie
Grades 3-6: Jewelry Making with Christie Johns

August 2
Human Trafficking
Carla Menares Bury

Carla serves as Multilateral Affairs Coordinator for the State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons.  She will explain what human trafficking is, give an overview of the federal government’s efforts, talk briefly about Virginia, and provide suggested resources.
Lay Leader: Patti Davis
Offertory Music: Bruce Callander

August 9
The Neuroscience of Religion
Dr. Andy Thomson

This presentation will review the basic mechanisms human minds use to generate and sustain religious beliefs as well as the neurobiology of the rituals that reinforce them.  Dr. Thomson is a staff psychiatrist at UVA and a trustee of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science.
Lay Leader: Jim Yeatts
Offertory Music: The UUFF Wineglass Choir

August 16
Daniel Hirshberg

Dan is an Assistant Professor of Religion at UMW, where he teaches courses in Asian religions and practices and contemplative studies.  Tibetan Buddhism and history has been a focus of his research.
Lay Leader: Steve Watkins
Offertory Music: Jason and Nancy Michael

August 23
The Art of Nonviolent Expression
Dr. Dena Jennings

To embrace nonviolent living in a violent culture requires creative artful communication.  Let’s explore what it means to be a part of the Beloved Community.  Dr. Jennings is a physician, artist, and musician.
Lay Leader: Ainsley Brown
Offertory Music provided by the speaker

August 30
Finding Words for Grief
Lynda Allen, Cynthia Armbrister, and Gloria Lloyd

A poet, a chaplain and a bereavement counselor will share the transformative power of being a part of a grief writing group.
Lay Leader: Susan Kosior
Offertory Music: John Bachman


Rev. Walter Braman’s Final Service: Sunday, June 21, 10:30 a.m.

Rev Walter Braman will be preaching for the last time at the UUFF on June 21. Just after the service we will be saying good bye to him, remembering his time with us and wishing him well in his retirement. Plan to stay for about 45 minutes after the service. Come and enjoy cake and ice cream with Walter and his family.

Coming This Fall: Rev. Doug McCusker, our soon-to-be full-time Minister!

Doug Photo for Web

Rev. Doug McCusker

After an exciting Candidating Week, featuring two services led by our Ministerial Candidate, a series of meetings, and numerous social events, our year-long ministerial search efforts came to a close after the May 3 service where, in a unanimous vote, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fredericksburg chose to call Reverend Doug McCusker to be our full-time minister beginning in the fall of 2015! And, equally exciting, Rev. Doug returned to the Fellowship, accompanied by his wife and daughter, to resoundingly accept the call!

We are thrilled to welcome Rev. Doug McCusker in the fall, and we are extremely grateful to both our intrepid Search Committee for their hundreds of hours of dedication and hard work and to Rev. Walter Braman for so graciously coming out of retirement to see us through to this point.  More details will be forthcoming in the upcoming months, but for now, we hope the images below, taken by our UUFF members during and after the May 3rd congregational meeting and call to vote, can convey some of the enthusiasm that we all feel here at UFFF!