We are thrilled to welcome you to the home of the UUFF at 25 Chalice Circle. The successful completion of this building in April 2012 is the culmination of many years of hard work and perseverance. Our gatherings here reflect the exhilaration we feel in bringing our Fellowship together at last in this exceptional space.

You are cordially invited to join us in our joyful celebrations of beloved community. We offer an open-minded and supportive environment for those seeking philosophical, spiritual, intellectual and religious exploration. Here you will find inspiring services, uplifting music, vibrant religious education, engaging dialogue, and community connection. We invite you to ask questions, share ideas, and join us in our search for truth and understanding. We look forward to meeting you and personally welcoming you into our congregation.



Join us in our new home at 25 Chalice Circle. Map and directions here.


Oct. 5
Searching for the “M” in Ministry
Denise Rimes

Denise is our Ministerial Settlement Representative and President of the UUA Southeast District.  She will discuss the search process and the congregation’s role in this critical undertaking.
Congregational Q&A follows the service.
Hand Chimes will perform.

Oct. 12
Medical Emancipation
Patrick Neustatter

Patrick will discuss how to improve your medical care by being informed, involved and if necessary assertive, and how to help your doctor get you the highest quality, safest, best value management.  Many secrets and arcane insights will be revealed.  Patrick is the Medical Director of the Moss Free Clinic.

Oct. 19
What Does Reform Mean?
Rev. Walter Braman

What does the Protestant Reformation have to do with UUs?
Adult Choir will perform.

Oct. 26
Deep Topics for Small Pockets
Rev. Alane Cameron Miles

Alane will talk about her recent experiences with what are called zines by younger people and pamphlets or comic books by the older generation.  She will look at how everyone from Martin Luther to Stan Lee has managed to discuss existential concerns in small packages instead of giant philosophical treatises.  She aims to heighten awareness and incite discussion on the otherwise sometimes threatening topic of death and dying.


Understanding Medicare: a Four-Part Presentation

Danny Green, Founder and Executive Director of Medicare Assistance and Counseling, Inc. (MACI) will be giving a four-part presentation on Understanding Medicare this fall.  The objective of MACI is to provide “free personalized confidential telephonic counseling and assistance to eligible Medicare beneficiaries, their caregivers and families who need help understanding their Medicare rights, benefits and entitlements. Plus, to provide free counseling on Healthcare Insurance Marketplace eligibility and enrollment assistance to the uninsured and low-income population.”  Mr. Green’s presentations at the Fellowship will last approximately one hour, with coffee and conversation.  The schedule of dates and topics is:
Sunday, October 26, 3 p.m.: Understanding Medicare
Monday, November 10, 7 p.m.: Navigating the Healthcare Insurance Marketplace
Monday, November 17, 7 p.m.: What is Long-Term Care–Do I Need It?
Monday, December 1, 7 p.m.: Protection Against Medicare Fraud
All presentations will take place in the Moncure Conway Hall.  This event is hosted by Life Preservers.  For more information on MACI, please visit their website at www.medicarecounseling.org.