Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fredericksburg

We are thrilled to welcome you to the home of the UUFF at 25 Chalice Circle.

You are cordially invited to join us in our joyful celebrations of beloved community. We offer an open-minded and supportive environment for those seeking philosophical, spiritual, intellectual and religious exploration. Here you will find inspiring services, uplifting music, vibrant religious education, engaging dialogue, and community connection. We invite you to ask questions, share ideas, and join us in our search for truth and understanding. We look forward to meeting you and personally welcoming you into our congregation.

Join us at 25 Chalice Circle. Map and directions here.



October 11
They Came Before Us
Rev. Doug McCusker

Thanks for the day off, Columbus!  However, this Sunday we will celebrate the indigenous people who settled this land long before the arrival of the Europeans.  Join us as we consider imperialism and how it is still manifested in our lives.
Lay Leader: Christi Bayha

October 18
Blessed Be the Stewards
Rev. Doug McCusker

Think about how many blessings of stewardship have been bestowed on us by people who took care of us and helped us grow.  Now think about all the ways that you pay those blessings forward right here in our Fellowship.  Join us as we redefine “stewardship” and see how vital it is to everything we do at UUFF.  We will recognize our RE teachers and send them forth with our blessings as they do the work of steardship with our children and youth.
Adult Choir will perform

October 25
I Am White and Why It Matters
Margaret Sequeira

“I don’t see color” is a phrase that one often hears from people, particularly liberal white people, in response to discussions of race and racism.  There is a desire to believe that the color of one’s skin no longer matters, and that racism and white privilege are relics of our past.  Today we will explore what it means to be a white person today and why it matters.
Margaret recently moved to Richmond from the Outer Banks, where she served the UU congregation as their consulting minister.  She has a Masters in Theology with an emphasis in ethics and social theory.  She is currently in search of her next professional opportunity while continuing to blog at www.scatteredrevelations.net and guest preach.  She is a candidate for UU ministry.


Kristen Beck: “A Bit About You, a Bit About Me, a Bit About Our Country”, Sunday, October 11, 2:30 p.m.

Kristen Beck, formerly Christopher Beck and a retired Navy SEAL, will be speaking at the UUFF on Sunday, October 11 at 2:30pm. The talk, sponsored by the Fredericksburg Secular Humanists and the Social Justice Committee, is entitled “a Bit about You, a Bit about Me, a Bit about Our Country”.  Come join us!

Minister’s Start-Up, Friday, October 30, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

All congregants are invited to join us at the Minister’s Start-Up on Friday, October 30, from 6:00-9:00 p.m. The first hour is a “Pot Luck Dinner” so those attending should bring a dish to share. A program will be facilitated from 7 to 9 pm by Kathy McGowan of the Congregational Life Staff, Southern Region of the UUA. She plans to have an interactive presentation with the congregants on such subjects as the growth of UUFF, “stories” we tell, how to improve, obstacles, what to celebrate, future opportunities, volunteerism and small group ministry.  Come join us!

Congratulations to Chris Johns, our Director of Religious Education!

Congratulations from all of us here at UUFF go out to Chris Johns, our DRE, who has recently been successfully credentialed and is now a certified Director of Religious Education, Associate Level!  Ms. Johns was recognized for all of her hard work and dedication at our service on September 27.  We at UUFF could not be prouder.


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